Games Released

Games released can be seen below, some games are also available on Google Play.

To download any of these games just scroll down to your chosen game and click 'Download'.  Some games that are for sale have a free download version for you to play or for paid content you will be taken to the relevant store page.

MegaDance Unity - FREE   -   WINDOWS / ANDROID

Can you dance faster than Unity-Chan?  Play different characters in different stages and get the highest scoreboard on the Gamejolt website.

Stages ranging from your simple dance mix to Easter Egg surprises for the game lovers.

Pacman 1st Person - 3D  FREE   -   WINDOWS / ANDROID

I always wanted to make my own pacman game but in 3D and give you a bit more freedom than the classic 2D arcade game.  Explore several maps each more difficult than the previous and collect all the pixels before the ghosts get you, see it all from Pacmans perspective.

Get Off My Moon! - FREE   -   WINDOWS / ANDROID

As UFO's get closer to Earth we need to train fighters to defend Earth from hostile invaders, you need to destroy as many UFO's as possible to prove you can protect Earth from invasion.

Destroy enough UFO's to pass the test. This is an updated game from the older windows files of Shado Defence to now included an Android version with a new title.

The Apprentice within Me:  Coffee Runner - FREE   -   WINDOWS

In this game you have successfully gained an apprenticeship working within an IT business company but as with most apprentices you have to start from the bottom, and in this case your the coffee runner.

Work hard and show the boss that you can do this meaningful task and maybe your future here will look promising.

Jelly Boy - 3D FREE   -   WINDOWS

Part of the BadBoxArt Game competition, participants had to create a game based on old artwork from games back in the 1980's or later and complete it within 48 hours.  I choose to do Jelly Boy which was an old SNES 2D Game and make it into 3D.

You play the role as a Jelly Boy and find missing puzzle pieces while avoiding enemies and traps.

Prophetical - £1.49   -   WINDOWS

As a new member of Earth's defence fleet, you are being trained to protect convoy ships travelling between Venus and Earth when suddenly an alien invasion has begun.  Destroy the enemy ships trying to invade the Sol system and start your journey to discover where these aliens are coming from and why.

Slenderman - The Wrong Place v2.0 - FREE   -   WINDOWS

A classic Slender man game.  You find yourself in a room and no one else is around, you are told to stay but you feel you must escape so you decide to leave and find eight pages that will unlock the exit.  This game has two endings so which one will you discover?  Avoid being caught and keep quite.