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To download any of the games you have seen on this site just scroll down to your chosen game and click 'Download' or on the image related.


All games are in a .RAR format and run with Windows. Just unpack the game to your desktop or chosen location and run the .EXE file to play the game. Thank you for visiting and to leave a comment or if you have a query or a question please use the 'Contact Me' page above.

ASRECorp $1.99

Free Demo - Click Here


Your company found a machine some time ago that seems to open doorways to not only other places but peoples nightmares too. Explore multiple places that exist in both reality and fantasy, encounter strange creatures for your base to research, help others by living their nightmares and solve puzzles and mysteries to why a machine like this would exist.

Sparky's Hunt - $1.99

Free Demo - Click Here


You hear strange noises in the middle of the night, it turns out there are a group of demons invading your home town and it seems they are looking for something, you have to keep them out of your home during the night and try to survive until they finally leave you alone. Keep the windows closed and your doors locked. If Sparky and her followers get in...hide!

Slenderman - The Wrong Place. Version 2.0 FREE


A classic Slender man game. You find yourself in a room and no one else is around, you are told to stay but you feel you must escape so you decide to leave and find eight pages that will unlock the exit. This game has two endings so which one will you discover? Avoid being caught and keep quite.

UFO - Shado Defence FREE


Based on a 1970's TV Show "Invasion UFO". You are applying to become the last line of defence for Shado Control and defend Earth from a possible alien invasion, shoot as many UFO's as you can and try to survive long enough to pass the test.


This game only took me 1 day to make, but I am pleased it turned out very well.



This is a game developed for the HIHITrust, a charity organisation to help underprivalige children to use and play computers and games. It is currently on hold but production will resume later in the year 2016 with a new build. However this game was released as an Alpha to give players and idea of what the final version will look like. Reactivate dead crystals to charge the exit portal and escape.

Prophetical - Chapter One $1.99


As a new member of Earth's defence fleet, you are being trained to protect convoy ships travelling between Venus and Earth when suddenly an alien invasion has begun. Destroy the enemy ships trying to invade the Sol system and start your journey to discover where these aliens are coming from and why.

Pacman 1st Person - 3D FREE


I always wanted to make my own pacman game but in 3D and give you a bit more freedom than the classic 2D arcade game. Explore several maps each more difficult than the previous and collect all the pixels before the ghosts get you, see it from Pacmans perspective.


This is another game I made that took only 2 days to make.